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SWW90_Logo Announcing the 90th Anniversary
National Writing Competitions 2015

Theme: Be Inspired by Giving Women a Voice

Be inspired by women and write about their place in the world; as mothers, daughters, grandmothers, friends. Write about their humour, courage, their many journeys in the past and now and the future.

Submit your stories, poetry, essay in the writing competitions so your voice can be part of this historic journey.

National Non-Fiction Award for Essays and Articles
The Society of Women Writers Non-Fiction Writing Award for Articles and Essays up to 3,000 words.
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National Poetry Competition
The Society of Women Writers Poetry Award for unpublished works up to 80 lines.
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National Short Story Competition
The Society of Women Writers Short Story Award for unpublished works up to 3,000 words.
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Think about a moment in your life where you provided a space, a possibility, an outlet, a megaphone even for a woman to tell her story. Perhaps that woman was a friend, a relative, child or grandchild. A stranger, a neighbour or work colleague. Even you yourself, now or sometime in the past. Perhaps it was an interview, a story told, a life history recorded, a song sung.

Maybe you were involved in a community campaign or political protest about an issue you were passionate about that relates to women. Or maybe you organised a social event – a book club, walking group, writing group – that allowed women to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Perhaps it was something you did at a meeting at work. Or a social occasion like a party.

Writing on ‘giving women a voice’ could be as simple as recounting the ways you yourself grew into the role of writer and felt confident enough to share your thoughts with others.

‘Giving women a voice’ can be interpreted in many ways. For example, a story about:
• an event or circumstance facilitating female agency,
• a woman acting positively in the interests of women,
• elements that might potentially give women a voice: an opportunity taken, a risk or a chance,
• a landscape significant to women: rural, regional, urban, wilderness
• an event – large and involving many, or small and intimate, either historic, contemporary or future that resulted in women’s voices being heard
•       The actions of another person or people, resulting in…
Permission granted, rebellion resulting when permission was denied or restricted.

The main aim would be to write stories about women stepping up and standing out, no matter the genre. Eg: The asteroid strikes the city, the factory is forced to close, the roses haven’t bloomed in thirty years, She hasn’t seen her daughter since the war. Stories about the woman who was the one who said yes. Or no, set in any environment you’d care to think of.

In 2015, the National Writing Competitions are open once again to all women writers over eighteen years of age and who are permanent residents of Australia.

The Biennial Book Awards for Members of the Society of Women Writers NSW will now be held during 2016.

Winners presented on 11th September 2013 at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW
FIRST PRIZE:    Susan Fealy    “The Hope Stone”
SECOND PRIZE:    Dr Frances Olive         “At the Temple”
THIRD PRIZE:      Marilyn Peck    “From My Bed on Dry Winter Mornings”
COMMENDED:      Gillian Hunt    “Heartland”
                          Moira Kirkwood    “Moto (artist to Genius)”
                          Ali Jane Smith    “Sestina After a Marriage”
                          Lesley Walter    “In Memoriam (of Vera Newsom)”
                          Winifred Weir    “Summer Is and Has Been”

SHORT STORY – 2013 Winners of the National Open Short Story Competition
Winners presented on 9th October 2013, at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW
First Prize:    Sarah ENDACOTT “Shock-Shit”
Second Prize:    Julie CHEVALIER  “An Honour that I’d thought not of”
Third Prize:    Claire AMAN  “Wrangler”
Julie KEARNEY:    ”Killing Him Softly”
Suzanne GASKELL: “Beautiful Boys”
Julie CHEVALIER: “Little Fires”


The 2012 Winners of the Members Only Writing Competitions are:

A.  POETRY – Winners presented on 12th September 2012 at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW
First Prize:  ‘We have one another now and again’ by Winifred Weir
Second Prize:  ‘At the Crossing’ by  Lesley Walter
Third Prize:  ‘A Brief History of Fun’ by Dr Penelope S Cottier

B.  SHORT STORY COMPETITION – Winners presented on 10th October 2012 at Dixson Room, State Library of NSW
First Prize:  ‘Beyond Walls’ by Susan McCreery
Second Prize:  ‘Caretaker Li and My Sanity Patch’ By Meg Wallens
Third Prize:  ‘Marked’ by Heather Bird